About The Epistles of Paul

The epistles of Paul provide a window into the first century church. The apostle’s many exhortations to early believers, along with his passion for the lost in spirit and heart, are present in all of his divinely inspired letters.  However we can only guess about his closing moments, his thoughts, his comments prior to imminent departure from this physical world.  There is scant Scriptural, historical or extra-Biblical material from which to draw.  Yet, we have adequate reason to believe Paul would have spent his closing time either in singular fellowship with God or with someone to whom he wished to bring into intimate knowledge of his personal Lord and Savior.
Last Hours is fiction, based greatly upon those precepts and doctrines Paul actually learned at the side of the risen Christ.  In the intervening 2,000 years, scholars have concluded Paul undoubtedly remained a Torah observant Jew to the end, not due to ritual enslavement but because he determined it to be the greatest way to worship in submission to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — the forefathers of all who choose to place their faith in Jesus Christ.  God’s anointing of the apostle allowed him to easily move among all tribes, nations, tongues and people.  He would have had little trouble alternately teaching about Jesus Christ or Yeshua, the Christ or Ha Meshiach, the Son of God and God the Son.  We see from his writings Paul was constantly led by the Lord to reach out to one and all regardless of any obstacle brought about by time, distance, language or culture.  Perhaps he is slightly more reflective at this moment, calling to memory the blessings God granted Paul, His most chief of sinners.
Imagine being a Roman soldier in 68 A.D. equally isolated as the prisoners you observe.  It is a death-watch that never ends. The question of your own mortality is always present.  Your questions about the eternal greatly outnumber any answers you have ever found available.  But now you have the opportunity to experience God’s ability to choose a time and place for everything.  Would this be your time and your place; your opportunity to accept the eternal gift God provided through His Son?
                                             Mike Lorenz

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